Liturgize your youth ministry

Are you launching a youth program at your church? Or looking to enrich what you're already doing? This site exists to put liturgically-geared, scripturally-grounded resources in your hands, and to provide some know-how to help you liturgize with confidence.


If you work with young people in a liturgical setting, you have some amazing and powerful gifts at your disposal. The Christian Year, prayer books, the depth and breadth of Christian tradition -- even the church building itself -- are resources crackling with teaching potential as you work to welcome young people into life in the church.

Where to find things

In ComplinesStudies, and Activities, you will find resources developed for parish-level youth ministry. Church Seasons offers some ideas for celebrating and teaching in the different seasons of the Christian Year. Check out the Blog for reflections on liturgical youth ministry as well as some practical ideas for how to start and run a ministry for young people in your church.

Fine print

Everything is free for non-commercial use. Some materials borrow from publicly-available-but-still-copyrighted-texts like the The Book of Common PrayerFor All the Saints, and The Book of Alternative Services. So, feel free to use and remix anything you find on - just don’t try to sell it out of the back of your car.