LEADER NOTE: The point of this ‘analysis’ time isn’t to make anybody feel bad, but simply to provide space to practice thinking critically about what others ask us to value.

What kinds of involvements do you have right now? (school, church, teams, groups, work, etc.)

LEADER NOTE: Does your group have a particular involvement in common? (E.g., football team) If so, you could focus on one as a group, or take them one by one.

What They Say

What do the ‘people in charge’ list as benefits, advantages, or “good things” about this involvement?

What kind of commitment are you asked to make?

What level of priority are you expected to give this involvement? (What kind of rationale do the ‘people in charge’ use to convince you this is important?)

What sort of things are you expected to give up or miss if other things conflict with this involvement?

Are you expected to conduct yourself differently in some way?
(E.g., code of conduct, covenant, dress code, etc.)

What You Say

Think about how this involvement affects your life:

What does it add to your life that you really like?

Does it add anything to your life that is difficult to deal with?

In your own experience, what would you say are the top “Pros and Cons”?

In your own experience, how would you describe this involvement:

Keeps me busy  //  Best thing I do  //  Necessary  //  Important  //  Huge pain

Aside from group involvements, what sorts of emerging habits do you notice in yourself? 

What are some habits you’re glad are developing well? 

What are some habits you’d love to abandon?

Any you’re unsure about?