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Shrovetide is "soul-check" season -- a time to take stock of how we live and how we think, and to consider what we might do during Lent to clear the way to connect with God.

The goal of the "Shrovetide Soul-Check" is to help your young people and leaders to engage thoughtfully and prayerfully with their priorities, and to help them to see spaces in their weeks which they could free up to connect with God during Lent.

The "Shrovetide Soul-Check" has two parts. Hand out a copy of the "Questions" and "Timesheet" to each person. Then send them off to find a quiet space where they can reflect undistracted for 20-30 minutes.

First, fill out the "Timesheet" to see where the time goes each week. The way we spend our time tells us what we value. This is an exercise in evaluating how we are spending our lives.

Shrovetide Soul-Check: Timesheet

Next, with Timesheet filled out, think through the "Questions" sheet, which is designed to help people reflect on the 'data' they created on the Timesheet.

Shrovetide Soul-Check: Questions

After 20 or 30 minutes, gather everyone back (or send them off for small group time) to discuss what they discovered -- Any surprises? Any changes they'd like to make?