Why does Jesus’ birth mean?
It’s ancient hope fulfilled. People were waiting for hundreds of years for a Messiah to come -- but not just to come -- to save them. (Jesus’ name means “God Saves”)

If Jesus was just born, what help would he have been?
Jesus’ birth into the world is like God saying, “See, I told you I’d do it!”

Imagine you were one of those shepherds.
Angels told you personally that God’s promised messiah is here.

Wouldn’t the world seem like a better place already?
Jesus is in the world -- he’s just a baby, and he’ll need to grow up and learn how to walk and talk -- but he’s in the world, and God made huge promises about him!

Why was Jesus born? Would the shepherds have known why?

Why do we know? How do we know?

What do you think Mary thought of her baby boy?
Did she know everything about his destiny?

Christmas is a time for imagination.
When you read the Christmas story with your families this year, try to imagine what kind of thoughts the different characters might have had.
Shepherds, Magi, Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah, Simeon, Herod…

Imagine with them what this news means.
Herod: I’m the king. But Jesus is the king. What does this mean?
Shepherds: We’re losers. Everyone hates us. We’re smelly. And angels came to tell us the news.

Why do we use a Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas?

  • Evergreen -- life when the world is dying (winter)
  • Our use of a Christmas tree mirrors our celebration of Jesus coming into the world.
  • We put up a green tree at Christmas, but at Eastertime we’re strip it bare and make it into a cross. 
  • The little newborn born at Christmas will die to let others be born new.