It’s a privilege to watch young people grow into maturity, to get to be a part of their life’s journey. Over the years our youth group has functioned as a place of safety and belonging not just for young people from our own parish, but for those from other churches who have not connected well elsewhere, or for those who aren’t connected to church at all.

In some ways, we get to be a missional outpost for kids who are weary and in need of a safe place to reflect or gather encouragement while other parts of their lives are on fire. And, in time, when the healing is done and the fires are under control, it’s exciting to watch a young person hit the road again to re-engage the world, now with new strength and perspective.

This week we got to celebrate the moving on of one such young man who has been part of our youth group since he was in grade 5. He came to us at a time when his life was in upheaval, and it has been a privilege to provide a place of stability and support for him, and to get to be one of the voices that remind him of the call Jesus makes to him. After 3 years with us, he’s decided to dig into church life where his family attends.

It’s bittersweet! Moving on always leaves a hole behind. But there is nothing more encouraging than to watch a young man step up on account of maturing faith!