Start your small group time with a short saint-remembrance time, and finish the night with a reflective All Saints and All Souls compline.

Name That Saint

Start your All Saints and All Souls night with a game of "Name That Saint".

Small Group Sharing

Leader tells the group: All Saints and All Souls are special days in the year when we pause to give thanks for people who have helped us to know and follow Jesus. On All Souls we remember those who have already died, and on All Saints we think about the “great cloud of witnesses” -- all God’s people, and especially those who have helped us to follow Jesus during our own lives.

Who are some of the people in your life who have helped you connect with God? Who are people whose lives you respect? Or people who have helped you to think about Jesus or Christian life in new ways?

(Spend some time as a group hearing about each other’s “saints”.)


End the night with an All Souls and All Saints compline that makes space to an "act of remembrance" -- lighting a candle for someone who has helped you to follow Jesus. It's important to cultivate a welcoming environment for this, since this can be a vulnerable moment. To help your group engage, make sure you and some of your leaders have someone in mind whom they want to remember -- seeing their leaders go first will help hesitant young people to decide to participate.