Name That Saint - Clues

Put your group's knowledge of Bible characters to the test in this fun 3-part activity.


You'll need a bowl or hat for clues, and a sheet or blanket large enough to cover a person while he/she stands.

Cut up the clues and put into 3 piles for use in each round.


Split your group into 2 or 3 teams. Each team selects a team member to perform a clue with a 1-minute time limit.

For the first batch of clues, performers must act out the clue with no words -- much like Charades.

For the second batch of clues, performers must describe the clue using only verbs. No actions, and no using words from the card. E.g., If the clue is "David and Goliath," the performer might say, "Brag, laugh, throw, fall, die, victory".

For the final round, performers must act out the clue under a large sheet without using any words. Your group will have fun trying to decipher what the poor actor is trying to communicate while being obscured by a large sheet!