Introduce your group to the seasons of the church calendar by having them create TV commercials promoting one of the seasons. If your group is small, you could focus on whichever season is coming up (e.g., Advent) and have each group perform a TV commercial about that season. If your group is larger (20+ people), divide your group up into 6 teams and assign each team a different season.

Give teams a handout outlining the ‘big ideas’ of their season, and 15 minutes to prepare.

Teams will perform their commercials in order of the seasons:
Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost

This way, the group will get to see the whole rotation of seasons, and have fun doing it!

Church Season Descriptions

Variation: Church Season Sing-off

To mix things up, you might run this activity as a "sing-off". Instead of creating TV commercials, you could assign a different musical style to each group and have them create a short musical or jingle to present their season. (e.g., Jazz, Punk Rock, Pop love song, Barney and Friends, Rap, Les Miserables)